Car Kit

Walt Disney World & Disney Cruise Line at Port Canaveral are within driving distance for us. This makes it easier (and cheaper!) to drive to some of our favorite Disney Destinations. It is still quite a few hours but we make the best of it. As always, being prepared makes it less stressful. I do prepare a car kit before all of our road trips. I have been prepared for many mini-catastrophes including the terrible stomach bug of 2018.

The car itself – Before we go, I always check tire pressures, washer fluid level, & wiper blades. I make any repairs as necessary. A travel tire pressure gauge is always in our glove box should we need it on the go. I clean the car well and check the kid’s car seats as well as put up their sun shades. I use window paint to write something fun like “Disney Bound” on it, which always gets everyone excited. Recently, I have also added these friends to our road trips –

Bin in the Trunk – I keep things that are more emergency-only type things in the trunk. In a Tupperware with lid I bring one extra outfit per kid, flashlight, box of granola bars & a blanket.

Up Front – By my feet I keep the bag of meals & snacks, small cooler with drinks, roll of paper towels, 5 hour energy for the Husband, and all charging cords. Under my seat I have another tupperware and it holds plastic shopping bags that I line the trash can with, clorox wipes, hand wipes & hand sanitizer. The converter we purchased that plugs into the 12V socket and can charge anything with a USB or Plug was one of the best inventions EVER! We have a portable DVD player that hangs from front headrests and suspends right in the middle so all 3 can watch. DVD’s stay up with me in the side passenger pocket. I also keep a small garbage can on the floor right behind the first row. Hint** Stick Velcro to the bottom of the can and it will stick to your car’s carpet!

Kid’s Bags – Each little gets their own travel backpack. In it, they have any school work and supplies they need to complete, coloring books & crayons, their tablet, a snack, a new toy/book, and a few things they like to play with. Each little has a collapsible tray that they can use to write or play on, they bring their own small blankets, and travel pillows as well. We do keep a small travel potty under one of the kids seats for absolute emergencies but now that they are bigger, we really don’t use it anymore.

That gets us to and from where we need to go! I hope it helps any crazy list-makers like myself prepare for a road trip to Disney or any other destination!