Top Activities for the Smallest Mouseketeers

The most fun areas around Disney World that do not require waiting in line OR sitting still!

When you are traveling with the littlest of littles there will be times when they cannot ride certain attractions that all the “Bigs” around them can. There are also times when littles are just DONE with lines, sitting still for shows..etc. When those tantrums start, it is great to know that in all 4 theme parks there are play areas and other activities children can partake in. They do not have height requirements, they do not have a queue to stand in, and there is no sitting still required! Here are those spots and where they are located:

Animal Kingdom


  • Oasis Exhibits – There are lush garden trails and different animal exhibits along the way

Discovery Island

  • Wilderness Explorers – Here you can sign up to be a Wilderness Explorer. Even if your littles cannot read, you can get the book and do the activities. Each activity you complete (which may be as simple as spotting an animal in an exhibit) will earn you a sticker! There is no charge for this and it’s super fun!
  • Discovery Island Trails – Let your little run through the beautiful green paths that surround the Tree of Life. There are so many beautiful things to look at. It is also a great time to see some of the carved animals up close.
  • Hakuna Matata Dance Party – Timon and friends start a party with dancing, games, and music


  • Pandora Drums – The drums of the Pandora Drummers are there for you to play!
  • Pandora Drummers ~ Swotu Waya – Dance to the music from a trio of Pandora Performers during this Na ‘ve Drum Ceremony


  • Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail – Follow a path into the tropical forest where you can see many animal exhibits including Gorillas
  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch – After a short train ride, follow a path down to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. There are many fun stops along the path including Wilderness Explorer locations. Once you arrive, there are animals to interact with and learn about
  • Burudika – Hamarambe’s musicians and dancers take over the marketplace and fill the air with lively rhythms. A great place to dance and play an instrument


  • Maharaja Jungle Trek – Take this walking tour at your own pace to explore Southeast Asia and the amazing animals it is home to
  • Bollywood Beats – If you have a tiny dancer, they will love the music and dancing provided by this group

Dinoland USA

  • The Boneyard – Here kids can run free through the archeological playground and also dig through the pebbles to reveal fossils
  • Donald’s Dino-Bash! – Donald and his friends break out into a prehistoric dance party for all to enjoy


Future World East

  • Project Tomorrow – Located at the exit of Spaceship Earth, Project tomorrow has all sorts of fun futuristic activities for the whole family. There are car driving activities, a shuffleboard activity that has you delivering energy to different places, and many other games
  • Advanced Training Lab – Located at the exit of Mission: Space, this is a fun interactive play area
  • Splash Pad – Loccated outside Mission: Space, a fun little splash pad is great for cooling down and running off some of that Mickey Head Ice Cream

Future World West

  • Seabase – Located at the exit of Under the Sea with Nemo & Friends, there is a whole aquatic adventure waiting for your little. There is a small play area with Bruce, Anchor, & Chum. There are games that can be played, fish tanks to admire, a huge manatee tank as well as one of the main aquatic tanks of the attraction. There are also shows a few times a day that feature a real diver.
  • Imageworks – Located at the Exit of Journey into Imagination is an interactive play area tailored to sensory play
  • Jumping Water – Located in front of Pixar Short Film Festival are several water play areas. The water can jump right over your head. You can duck or try to hit it and get soaked!
  • Splash Pad – Just as you heat from Future World West to the Showcase Plaza via the main bridge, there is another splash pad that is a great spot for littles to run and cool off

World Showcase

  • There is a table in each Country where littles can color a postcard from that particular country, have it stamped, and put it in a “suitcase” baggie that they are given. It is a fun way coloring activity, a great way to talk to people from all over the world, and a great keepsake
  • Outpost – Located between China & Germany, this is a great little spot in the shade where guests can bang on drums and play other fun instruments
  • Trains – Between Germany & Italy there are several train tracks set up around a whole little city. My kids enjoy running up over the bridge and they could watch them for quite a while!
  • Singing & Dancing – All of the countries have entertainment throughout the day. If your little likes to sing or dance or watch acrobats, there will definitely be something fun for them to watch or partake in

Hollywood Studios

Animation Courtyard

  • Disney Junior Dance Party – A dance party with Vampirina, Mickey, Doc McStuffins, and Timon. Shake out all the sillies at this new fun dance party!

Sunset Boulevard

  • Lightening McQueen’s Racing Academy – Here, you can join Lightening McQueen’s Pit Crew. Play games, dance to the music provided by DJ, and have a great time becoming part of the crew!

Magic Kingdom

Main Street USA

  • Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom – A great activity that takes park wide. You can start here and search for clues throughout the park. There are interactive activities and the goal is to defeat the villains.


  • A Pirate’s Adventure ~ Treasures of the Seven Seas – An interactive adventure to take at your own pace. Collect special pirate cards and enjoy the interactive adventure!
  • Tiki Water Sprayers – Located at the exit of Jungle Cruise, a small splash area where the tiki’s will try to spray you as you walk by


  • Splash Mountain Play Ground – Located at the exit to Splash Mountain, a great little play area where littles can stretch their legs
  • Tom Sawyer Island – A fun play area that you can access by boat. It has has trails, caves, games, and areas to run & climb


  • Casey Junior Splash ‘N’ Soak Play Station – A water play area that is centered around the Casey Jr. Train from Dumbo. Kids can jump right in or try to avoid sprayers, soakers, and buckets of water
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Play Area – At the entrance to the ride, there is a fun play area where littles can play vegetable drums, pop “radishes”, check out Eeyore’s Home, and more!
  • Dumbo Play Area – Inside the queue for Dumbo is a great interactive circus play area

Sometimes, our smallest Mouseketeers need some downtime – no lines, no sitting still. They need time to shake out their sillies and I hope this list helps you and your littles find those places so everyone can have a more peaceful & enjoyable trip!