180+ Days out Checklist for a Walt Disney World Vacation

Planning a trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth? Use the checklist to make sure you make any Disney deadlines and to help you plan along the way. I am an OVER planner and this very well may be excessive for some people so only take what you need!

Prior to 180 Days –

180 Days Out –

  • Make Dining Reservations
  • Decide if you want to decorate your resort window and plan it out
  • Learn all about your resort
  • Flying or Driving?

100 Days Out –

  • Need anything personalized for the trip? Group shirts? Bags? Water bottles? Start planning and looking around
  • Make Packing List
  • Purchase List – anything you think you will need for the trip; bathing suits; walking shoes…etc
  • Family Movie Nights – at 100 days out, my family uses our weekly family night to watch a Disney movie and I cook a corresponding themed Disney meal. It gets us all very excited!

90 Days Out –

  • Plan out FastPasses
  • Set up Pet Sitting
  • Start purchasing things on the “Purchase List”
  • Make a Food Shopping List – Whether we fly or drive, we usually wind up with some food in the room
  • Look into Flight Options if Flying

60 Days Out –

  • Make FastPass Reservations
  • If driving, plan out a car kit and start purchasing for it
  • Entertainment – look into what shows, parades, and Nighttime Spectaculars you would like to see and add them to your itinerary
  • Visa Perks? – If you have a Disney Visa, look into what perks are currently available while in the park
  • Festival/Party Needs? – If you are visiting during a festival/party and you will attend, there may be extras you will want to pack/purchase
  • Customize Magic Bands on My Disney Experience

30 Days Out –

  • Dollar Tree Visit
  • Look into any festival/party schedules
  • Purchase anything for Window Decor
  • Check in Online
  • Put A First-Aid Kit Together
  • Purchase Flights

15 Days Out –

  • Clean & Tag Your Stroller or pick a company to rent one from
  • Clean out & Prep beach bag, diaper bag & park bag
  • Notify school teachers of children’s absence & ask for work
  • Verify Park Hours – They do sometimes add extra hours here and there
  • Set Up Packing Area – I put a suitcase in the corner of our room and toss things in it as I come across them
  • Car Maintenance – Oil change? Washer Fluid? Tire Pressure? Wiper Blades?
  • Magic Band Prep – Label with phone number/decorate/put in MagicKeeper

7 Days Out –

  • Do laundry
  • Call your resort with preferences
  • Contact credit card company – Let them know you are traveling
  • Stop Mail
  • Pay Bills due While Away
  • Receive & Open Minnie Box!!
  • Finish up Trip Shopping

3 Days Out –

  • Pack – Don’t forget a waterpark/pool bag, park bag, diaper bag, carry on if flying, Driving kit if driving
  • Check Weather for Driving Route and for Florida
  • Remind teacher of absences
  • Print out any necessary Travel Documents
  • Clean Car if Driving

Day Before –

  • Go Food Shopping
  • Charge any electronics – Tablets, battery packs, DVD player for Car
  • Pack up school work kids need to complete
  • Clean out the Refrigerator

Day Of –

  • Take out Trash
  • Empty Sink/Run Dishwasher
  • Set Thermostats
  • Lock Windows/Doors & Set Alarms
  • Water Plants
  • Last Minute Packing – Cell chargers, Kid’s “Lovee’s”
  • Pack Up and Situate Pets