Top Disney Cruise Line Tip – The Navigator App

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For those of you getting ready to cruise on Disney Cruise Line, I would like to introduce you to a very helpful tip for your trip – Download the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App!

This app will assist you in so many ways while you are on your trip. Recently, Disney has also added options of things you can use the app for before your trip. It is an invaluable app to have and here is why –

While Aboard:

Even without an internet package, this app allows you to communicate with others on the app. This is a great option for keeping track of everyone if you have multiple staterooms, kids that will be going off on their own, or even if you party has to split up for any reason at all while traveling. You access a special network at no cost and can communicate as a group or one on one. Plus, they have some pretty fun Disney emojis.

Within the app, you basically have your own cruise compass. In the Activities Section, you can view what is happening on board and when, schedules of entertainment around the ship, check in on your rotational dining reservations and even check menu’s for those restaurants. There is also a character location guide

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There is a section for all things you have reserved. This area is more of a personal cruise compass – Reservations for meals, spa appointments, port adventures, Onboard plans & the Nursery as well. This can be so helpful it planning out each day and you can also set reminders to keep you on time.

The Ports of Call & Days at Sea section will keep you informed about where you are traveling and options to do on those specific days.

One section of the app can even alert you to deals and specials going on around the ship whether it is for the spa or a great shopping deal. Keep these notifications on and you will have deals on souvenirs for everyone back home in no time!

One of the most helpful part of the app, especially for new cruisers – the Explore section. This will tell you the full layout of the ship, what is accessible on each deck, and where you are on the ship. Never get lost again!

New Feature! – Before You Board

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Now you can use the app before stepping foot onboard. This is a fun tool to explore and get everyone excited for the trip!

In the Manage your Reservation section, you can view details of your trip, look at the deck plans of the ship, make payments, view/modify your stateroom, & more!

On-Line Check in right on your app! Boarding has never been faster now that you can do this right from you phone. You can complete pertinent information that will make your time in port smoother and faster, see what kind of documents each guest needs to board, register littles for their youth clubs and activities and most importantly – choose an arrival time.

The Activities Section is a great place to look at many different options you will have once you board and you can reserve them here as well; recreational activities, Port Adventures, Special Dining Reservations, Nursery time slots, Spa Appointments, and more! Find out all you can about each and reserve whatever you think will enhance your trip!

An additional options section will be where you can see and modify your ground transportation, see which seating you have been assigned for dining, see your flight information, look into the protection plan (Highly Recommended!) and modify all special requests from dietary requests to on board celebrations.

This app is a necessity while cruising and I am so glad they have now expanded it because I get such great feedback about it – guests love that it is their own little cruise guide.