Disney Cruise Line – Verandah Stateroom

Top Reasons To Reserve One!

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I am asked quite often if I think reserving a Verandah is worth the extra cost. I always respond with the top reasons my family and I reserve a verandah, even if it means we have to skimp on other parts of our trip.

Added Square Footage

Your stateroom is not going to be as big as a resort room back in Disney World. A verandah adds several square feet to your stateroom. It makes it feel larger and gives everyone a bit more space. A verandah will add an average of 50-60 square feet to your stateroom!

Privacy & View

The sail away parties up on deck are fantastic but sometimes, especially if it is a couple traveling alone, the privacy of sail-away and your own verandah is very welcoming – even romantic.

It gives you a gorgeous view coming into/leaving port. The kids and I love watching us cruise into port and dock but sometimes it is early and I don’t feel like getting us all dressed to go up on deck. It is very special to have our own space to head out to, regardless of time of day to see the ocean & port.

Hint* Pack Binoculars!

Great Snack/Meal Spot

One of my favorite reasons to have a verandah is for a beautiful & quiet place to share breakfast with my family. We order in and sit out there while we wait and then we all eat together while watching the ocean or what is going on in port.

A verandah is also one of my favorite places to have a Mickey Bar at the end of the day. *Hint: They are available through room service!! I will order one for whoever is still awake and see what ships or land we can spot in the distance. It is a wonderful way to close out the day.

Fresh Air

Having access to fresh air in your room is a major benefit. Sometimes with 4 or 5 people getting ready for the day or for dinner with a hair dryer going, it gets stuffy. I love being able to step out and enjoy the breeze and fresh air.

Seasickness or Claustrophobia?

If you suffer from seasickness, it may come as a surprise but having a verandah will be very good for you. Being able to spot and focus at the horizon is a way that many people try to keep it at bay. My husband has taken advantage of this on several occasions unfortunately.

We are fortunate enough not to have anyone in our travel party that is claustrophobic however I hear that a verandah is so helpful if anyone in your party is.


I know this is almost a “bad word” in this day and age however we have experienced stateroom quarantine before the caronavirus and it will happen long after it is gone.

My mom got food poisoning in port on one of our cruises. When she went to the infirmary, the wonderful people there gave her meds to settle her stomach but because they did not know what it was (they always fear Norovirus) she was quarantined for 48 hours. I am not sure what she would have done if we did not have a verandah. She was able to sit out there and read, had a gorgeous view, and the fresh air helped her recovery. The occurrence may be rare but in my Mom’s case, they always travel this way and feel it is better to be safe than sorry.

Nap Time

We always tried to get our littles to nap on a lounge chair or in the carriage but our youngest would fight sleep. Any stimulus at all around him and he would be wide-eyed. It made for a very cranky little guy. We quickly found it was better to bring him back to the room with his loveys and quiet for his nap time. I enjoyed bringing him back to the stateroom and the small break from the sun. I had a quiet hour to sit on the verandah and listen to music, read, or even catch a small nap myself!

Drying Space

When we started cruising, we didn’t always get a verandah. I found it very difficult to dry 5 bathing suites and sometimes cover ups in the bathroom. One year I even purchased the suction cups to hang from the mirrors and it was still a mess. Now, we just use our towel clips and clip our bathing suites to the deck chairs!

Oh, and those yucky work out clothes? My family is very grateful when I hang them outside instead of in our bathroom!

Safety Concerns?

The number one reason I hear guests say they avoid a verandah is for safety reasons with their children. I am a Mama bear and I understand the concern! The first time we had a verandah stateroom with our children, I traveled with a tension rod to insert in the door jam so it couldn’t open!

I quickly learned that there is a lock on the verandah door and it is up way high – I’m 5’3″ and could just reach it. PLUS! Those doors are H E A V Y! After you get the handle in the right position to open the door, it takes a real good push. There is no way that children who are supervised would be able to open it without their guardian noticing. And, no, you wouldn’t sleep through it either (that was a concern of mine!) because it makes this whimsical WHOOSH sound that I have come to love.


So, bottom line? Yes, I think it is well worth it to have a verandah. Once we booked the first one, we never looked back.

If you have questions about verandahs or reserving a Disney Cruise Line vacation, contact me today! I am happy to help you plan and reserve as well as keep up with all of the important dates, price drops, and deadlines to make your trip as smooth as possible. I handle all of the stress so you can just look forward to making wonderful memories with your loved ones! Best of all, my services are free!

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