Saving Up for A Disney Trip

Saving up for a Disney Destination, whether it be Disney World, Disneyland, a Disney Cruise, Aulani, or an Adventure by Disney is a great idea and something the whole family can get involved with. My family and I have always found that if we save a bit each week by doing a few simple things, we can pay for our next Disney trip in no time! I am happy to share those ideas with you!

Disney Visa

© Disney

Signing up for a Disney Visa Card was one of the smartest moves we ever made as far as saving for a Disney Trip. To start with, they are usually running a promotion where spending your first $500 within 3 months gets you a $250 Disney Gift Card. Then you earn 1% back (2% for select purchases) in Disney Dollars! We use this card for every day purchases and then when it comes time for a trip, we see how many Disney Dollars we have racked up. It also gets your discounts while in Disney if you use it and it can get you into select Character experiences.

Disney Gift Cards

Look into the Target Red Card. It is a debit card, not a credit card, and links directly to your bank account. With this card you get 5% off your total purchase each trip. Target sells Disney Gift cards! You can get 5% off of each gift card you purchase. I purchase one each week along with my regular food shopping trip. It adds up quickly. That is $50 off every $1000! When you get all your cards together, you can use this nifty site to consolidate them so you are not giving your lovely travel agent 80 cards to process.

Garage Sale

We have an annual garage sale. All the money we raise goes towards our Disney Trips. If the kids opt to sell some of their things, they keep it as their spending money. Everyone gets involved, everyone helps and we all get excited and talk about the things we want to spend the money on when we get to our Disney Destination!

Allowance/Extra $$ Fund

We had fun creating a Disney Jar and it sits on our kitchen counter. At the end of each day, the Husband & I put spare change that we have accumulated in it. If you happen to work in a field where you get the occasional tip, this is a great place to deposit that $$$. At the end of each week, my kids get to decide if they want to use their allowance for the school store or if they want to deposit it into the Disney Jar. In trips past we have easily saved over $100 this way and the kids have fun watching it fill up! All you need is a mason jar, some stickers or any kind of decor you would like to use, and a grown up can use a knife to cut a slit in the top. Voila!

Savings Challenges

There are many different kinds of savings challenges. Most of them are for 52 weeks. The first week you put $1 aside. The second week you put 2$ aside…and so on. If you have more than that to spare, you can start with $2 or more the first week and go up a little each week. If you have less than 52 weeks, you can create you own custom challenge! The idea is if you go up in the amount you save each week slowly, you will not necessarily miss it or feel it in the purse strings as much.

We have used these methods to save up for Disney Trips. Because it is not spending or putting away hundreds at a time, it does not seem like you are paying in full for a trip when final payment comes along. This savings can also be used to pay for an upgrade or something you would not normally do or have on a trip. Upgrade to a Deluxe Resort? Pay for the Dining Plan? Add a spa package? Get the extra souvenir! I hope this helps you save for your trip! Contact me and let’s put that savings to use and plan your dream vacation!

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