Hints, Tips, & Planning


is what my table looks like when I am planning a trip to Disney – Land or Sea! Regular family planner, vacation planner, current vacation binder, compilation of ‘old vacations’ binder and all my fancy colored pens. Not pictured is my CRAZY spreadsheet for times & reservations. It looks like a lot and to some it may be, but not for me. I LOVE to plan and I love to prepare. No vacation – Disney or otherwise, is perfect, but you can prepare and plan to make it as wonderful and stress-free as possible.

If there are no specific attractions you want to see and no specific restaurants you would like to dine in, this may be overkill. However, I have these kids trained well and they know that to see Peter Pan, we are going to need a FastPass because Mom & Dad are not standing on a 60 minute line for dear old Peter. They also really enjoy their character meals. A lot of people, especially first timers, don’t know that these book up as early as 180 days prior to their stay. This means that if you want to have a bagel & lox with Aurora in Norway on November 14th at 10am, you should probably have that whole Park day planned out by May 14th and up at 7am to make the call to book. In addition to times and reservations, there are other things that are helpful to know like what you should bring to a Disney Park with you or must-have’s for any Disney Cruise, ways to save on Disney Trips or all the fun things you can do with Magic Bands!

It does sound overwhelming, especially if you are not the planner type like myself. It doesn’t have to be. That is what I am here for! I thrive when I have tasks to complete and deadlines to watch for. I love planning trips because to me, it is what helps your vacation go smoothly. I also love assisting people in having the most memorable and enjoyable trip. If any of this sounds overwhelming to you, contact me and let me help you plan your trip. I can take a lot of the stress off of you and your family. In the meantime, here are some helpful ideas and tips when planning and preparing for your vacation!

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