Top Tips for Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween Party

Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween Party is a great extra-ticket event that I highly recommend. Guests always ask if I think it is worth it and I always respond “Yes!”. It is a fun event with shows, parades, dance parties & yummy treats that you cannot get any other time of year. If you are in Disney World from August – October, check it out!

Here are tips to help you plan and make the most of your evening.

Dress Up! – Kids and Grown ups can both dress up and it is encouraged for this event! (Be sure to check Disney’s Costume Guidelines) Keep the weather in mind when choosing a costume though. August – October in Disney can be HOT!

Arrive Early! – The tickets say 7-12pm but you can get in as early as 4pm and this year, we were in by 3:45.

Fastpasses! – Since you can get in as early as 4, you can make fastpasses for the few hours you have before the party officially starts. The first one I made was for 3:00-4:00 which worked perfectly and we were able to do the other two I made for 4:00-5:00 and 5:00-6:00.

Character Meet n Greets – Characters meet during the party that do not meet any other time. Also, the more regular characters will be available for pictures dressed up in their Halloween Costumes. The line for these can sometimes be quite long so if there is someone you are eager to meet, line up before the party starts so you can meet them as soon as they come out and enjoy the rest of the party offerings afterwards.

Trick or Treat! – I recommend trick or treating later in the party. When the candy lines first open, the lines are LONG! They get much shorter as the night goes on.

Plan Your Dinner – Not all food locations are open during the party. Once you arrive, check out which are open late and make sure there is something for everyone to eat. Otherwise, you may want to eat early before the majority of locations close.

Parade Time! – Watch the late parade. It is way less busy and it leaves you free to see attractions and characters when the lines are at their shortest.

Hocus Pocus – Do not miss this show, it is a must-see! If you and your party can stay up late enough to catch the midnight showing, this is the one I would suggest. The party closes at midnight so waiting till the last showing gives you more time while the party is ongoing to trick or treat, see attractions, visit dance parties, and more!

Fireworks – Not so spooky spectacular fireworks left us with our jaws on the ground. Make sure you get a spot where you can see the stage well. This may require you to head towards the castle 20-30 minutes prior to it starting. With this view, you will be able to see Jack Skellington take the stage in addition to the amazing projection show that occurs on the castle along with the fireworks.

Dance Parties – Don’t skip them! It is a great time to interact and play around with characters and you don’t have to wait in line to see them!

For further planning assistance for Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween Party, contact me today! I can help you plan your vacation including your night at this great Halloween Party. My services are free of charge and with them you get all my knowledge and love of this vacation destination. I plan each guest’s trip with as much attention to detail as I would my own. I look forward to speaking with you soon!