Halloween Horror Nights

Photo by Derek Funk

Each September & October, shadows and nightmares overtake Universal Studios. Come be a part of the spookiest thrills and chills and experience Halloween Horror Nights. The event grows each year and is home to some of your favorite horror movie characters as well as some park originals. They can be found park-wide at haunted houses, roaming randomly, at shows and entertainment, and at special created scare zones!

Photo: Derek Funk

When To Visit

Halloween Horror Nights will run September 6th-November 2nd in 2019. Usually the fall is a more quiet time for Uinversal Studios however this event attracts the locals. Guests come back time after time so they can experience all the night has to offer. Keep this in mind when choosing a date to visit. The earlier in the season, the less busy the crowds are. September will be less crowded than October. Also, weekdays are far less crowded than a weekday night. Saturday, followed by Friday will be the most busy options for this event. Try to go during the week if at all possible.

Haunted Houses

Step into frightening haunted houses plagued by your worst nightmares. Several Haunted Houses are throughout this event. They take months to set up, they each have a different haunted theme, and they are one of the biggest draws at the event. Due to the amount of the homes and their popularity, if accessing them all is a priority for you, plan to visit more than one Horror Night. If this is not a possibility, think about purchasing the RIP Tour or a Horror Night Express pass and adding to your vacation package.

Scare Zones

Photo: Derek Funk

The streets of Universal that you walk during the day are transformed into horrific areas of entertainment. In these scare zones, actors roam, hide, pop out, and interact with you. Actors often chase guests into and out of their zone. They have very little respect for personal space and will come after you with chainsaws, bats, and more! These scare zones are placed throughout the park and it is necessary to travel through them to get to other areas.

Live Entertainment & Shows

Shows have been offered each year. They are entertaining, scary, and full of crazy surprises. Do you dare to be entertained by the scariest villains that Universal could create?


Select rides are open during the event. Lines tend to be shorter than an average park day. Some rides do receive a spooky overlay for the event. Stay tuned to see what it will be this year!

Photo: Derek Funk

Food & Merchandise

Event-Specific merchandise and food will be offered during the event. Be sure to visit the Tribute Store for your themed gear. Food and Drinks are available around the park – the specialty beverages are some of our favorites!