Flying Tips & Tricks

Flying with littles can be tricky, especially if the flight is a longer one. I have compiled a list of tips & tricks that have helped us through many flights over the years.


  • Have all of your necessary paperwork readily accessible. Fishing for it later is stressful
  • They will not let you wear your baby or push them through security. You have to take them out and put the carrier/stroller on the belt

General Flight Tips

  • Airlines allow children up to a certain age to ride on your lap. It differs between airlines so check with yours
  • Frontier allows children to fly free on many flights if you join their membership
  • Even if you do not purchase them their own seat, most airlines allow each little a carry on so you can bring their diaper bag. Also, most will gate check the stroller at no cost.
  • If you do purchase their own seat, you can bring their car seat (as long as it is airline approved) and they can sit right in that

Packing – the more prepared you are, the easier the flight will be

  • Clorox Wipes! Before they touch ALL of the surfaces, wipe them down – especially that nasty tray table.
  • Hand wipes/sanitizer to clean them up!
  • Receiving blanket for nursing and/or warmth. It can get chilly on flights.
  • Pack lots of snacks – possibly special “treats” that can serve as a way to calm them down
  • A juice box right at take off and landing – can be milk or any liquid really, as long as they are sucking through a straw. It will help with their ears. If they are too young, let them have a bottle, nurse, or let them use their binkie.
  • If they are traveling over one of their meal times, pack a meal. We pack little yogurt squeeze pouches which travel very well
  • Diapers/wipes/Diaper Creme & any other medicines they may need
  • Electronics – Tablets & portable DVD players have been a life saver on flights. Don’t forget the headphones
  • Crayons & Coloring find rectangular crayons that wont roll off the tray. Crayola makes them.
  • Bring books & toys, leave any that make noise at home
  • An extra outfit for the little AND an extra shirt for you
  • Those plastic disposable diaper bags that remind you of doggie poo bags? They are perfect for soiled clothes, bibs.. or for sparing your fellow fliers the stench of a dirty diaper.

More than anything – Try to be calm and happy so your child sees their happy parent and not the stressed out version. Happy Flying!