Disney’s Magical Express

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A Guide, Tips, & Hints!

Disney Magical Express is a wonderful bonus that you receive with your Disney Vacation Package. It is included with your stay and provides transport to and from the airport to your Disney World Resort. Here are some helpful tips and hints to assist you with your journey on the Magical Express!

Prior to Your Trip

Once reserved, you should receive your luggage tags approximately 2-3 weeks prior to travel. If you do mot receive them, please inform your travel planner so they can locate them for you. If your flight information changes once your Magical Express is reserved, that is also something you want to inform them of.

Luggage Options

You can stop and pick up your luggage at the baggage claim and bring it to the Magical Express with you. The driver will put your luggage under the coach and remove it for you once you arrive at your resort. From there, Bell services can either store your luggage or assist you with bringing it to your room.

The other option you have is to let Disney Representatives collect your baggage from baggage claim and they will deliver it to your hotel room for you. I love this option, as it is less for me to worry about when we are traveling. If you do choose this option, please just remember that you will need to pack essentials that you will need that first day in your carry-on.


Whether you choose to cart your own luggage or let Disney do it for you, there are certain things you will want to be sure to pack in your carry-on. Here are some suggestions:

  • MagicBands
  • Medications
  • Jewelry & other Valuables
  • Change of clothing
  • Anything else you may need for the day

Orlando International Airport Arrival

After getting off your plane, head towards the monorail which will take you towards baggage claim. Once off the monorail, you will head to baggage claim (if you are getting your own luggage) and then to Disney’s Magical Express which is located in Terminal B, Level 1. There will be signs for it which you can also follow.

Disney’s Magical Express

When you arrive at the check-in point, you can provide the cast member with the boarding tickets you were sent in the mail OR they can scan your MagicBand. They will direct you to a lane to stand in and then you will be called and placed on a Coach.

While onboard, they will show videos of Disney World and all the wonderful things to expect. They will also play some trivia as well as Mickey Mouse Shorts. It is a quick 45-60 minute trip depending on traffic.

If you chose to have Disney transport your luggage, you can expect it to arrive in your room within 3 hours. (It usually takes less)


When you are nearing the end of your trip, the Magical Express fairy will place departure information on your door knob. It will have your departure time and where you should be at that time. There will be instructions for if you want to check your luggage and have them transport it to the airport for you. You can keep it with you if you prefer.

If your departure is not until later in the day, check out of your hotel and ask Bell Services to hold your luggage for you. This way you can enjoy time in the parks, your resort, or even Disney Springs.

This may seem like a lot but it is quite easy and most guests love how seamless this experience winds up being for them. If you are at all worried about this process or would just like some assistance with it, I am happy to assist you with reserving your vacation package and answering any and all questions regarding transportation. Safe Travels!