Disney Dining Plans – 2020

A Guide with Tips & Hints

The Disney Dining Plan is a great add-on for any vacation. There are different levels of the plan so you can choose the one that is best for you and your travel party.

Dining Plan Options

  • Deluxe Dining Plan
  • Dining Plan
  • Quick-Service Dining Plan

Deluxe Dining Plan

The Deluxe Dining Plan will give you 3 meal credits and 2 snack credits per person, per night of stay. You also get a refillable resort mug for use during your stay. The meal credits can be used at either quick-service or Table service locations. (A quick-service location is where you walk up, order, wait for your food, and grab your own table. A Table service restaurant is one that most often requires reservations. You are seated and served by a waitstaff.) This plan covers you for all three meals and those yummy treats along the way like a Mickey Head Ice Cream or Popcorn. You can also take advantage of this plan if you will be eating in higher-end restaurants that require 2 credits per meal, but more on that later.

Dining Plan

The Dining Plan offers you 2 meal credits and 2 snack credits. Of the 2 meal credits, one per day is to be used at a quick-service location and the other must be used at a Table Service location. You also get a resort refillable mug. This and the Deluxe plan are my favorite to recommend when guests will be doing lots of character dining.

Quick-Service Dining Plan

The Quick-Service dining plan offers you 2 meal credits and 2 snack credits Both meal credits have to be used at Quick-Service locations. It also comes with a refillable resort mug. I recommend that every travel party get at least the Quick-Service plan. It makes your trip go so much smoother and gives it an all-inclusive feel.

Reasons to Get a Dining Plan

  • With food, snacks, and beverages included, it makes your trip feel all-inclusive
  • You may try things you would not normally have if you had to “pay out of pocket” on the spot.
  • It makes the trip easy! Instead of bringing food or having it delivered to your hotel so you can make meals & snacks, you can walk up to just about anywhere and grab a bite to eat. It also makes for less planning in advance and not having to wake up earlier to make and load up lunches…etc
  • Savings! – If you plan your credits out, you can really save some money on some of those higher priced snacks & meals and you will definetly save if you drink multiple beverages at your resort.
  • Sometimes you can get it for free! During some Disney Promos, the dining plan can be offered free to all or part of your travel party. This makes it REALLY worth it!

Credit Breakdown

Table Service Credit – A table service credit gets you a meal, a beverage (can be alcoholic if guest is 21 or over), and a dessert. If the Restaurant is a buffet, it gets you the buffet and the beverage. If you have the Deluxe Dining Plan, the Table Service Credit also includes an appetizer.

Quick-Service Credit – A quick-service credit includes an entree & what that entree comes with as well as a beverage (can be alcoholic if guest is 21 or over).

Snack Credit – A snack credit can be used for anything from a Mickey Head Ice Cream to a soda. It is good for most items sold at the snack kiosks as well as sides and desserts at quick-service locations. You will know if it qualifies as a snack credit if it has the purple & white Disney Dining Plan icon next to it.

Resort Mug – A great souvenir keepsake as well as a big savings on beverages back at your resort. You can use this mug for your entire stay at your hotel. It is good for sodas, juices, coffee & tea that are all located at the fountain drink area.

Keeping Track of your Credits

Keeping track of your credits is now easier than ever. You can view them any time once you have checked in to your resort on your My Disney Experience App. On the bottom menu bar, click on the three lines in the bottom right corner. Click on “My Plans”. This will bring you to all the magical plans you have during your stay. “Check Dining Plan Credits” will be an option from that screen and you will be able to see what each guest has remaining.

Updates for 2020

  • When using a children’s Quick Service Credit, you now have to order off of the Children’s menu where one is available.
  • A child’s Quick Service Credit cannot be exchanges for 3 snack credits.
  • As usual, it is early in the year and we see some restaurants that have not signed up to be a part of the Dining Plans. That usually changes and you can expect to see most of the options from 2019 available for 2020. We do know that STK will not be accepting the dining plan in 2020.

Dining Plan Tips & Hints

  • Children under 3 do not get their own meals because they do not have their own park tickets. At buffets, you can share your plate with them. At other table service restaurants, the best option is to pay out of pocket for them if you want them to have their own meal. Most Disney meals are large enough that families just share with the little ones.
  • Many quick service entrees are large enough to share. It is a great way to spread out your meals.
  • Gratuity is not included
  • Running out of snack credits? A quick service credit can be swapped for 3 snack credits but all three snacks have to be purchased at the same time.
  • Signature table service restaurants and dinner shows (Luau & Hoop Dee Doo) count for 2 credits. Be sure to calculate that in when planning out meals.
  • Whenever possible, get a dining reservation that is paired with show seating. It is the same number of credits and can get you great advanced seating at evening shows in the parks.

For any questions regarding dining plans or to add one to your vacation package, contact me today!