Magic Kingdom · Walt Disney World

Join in the Magic

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There is something special about walking up Main Street USA. Whether it’s the first time ever or the first time of your 100th trip. I still get tingles after walking through the tunnels under the train station. There is magic around every corner and the adventure begins.

I cannot say enough about what Disney has done for my life and my relationships. Growing up with Disney in my life has left an everlasting impression of magic & happiness on my heart. I am hoping to do that with my children and with each child I am lucky enough to plan a trip for going forward.

Regardless of what is going on in our lives when we leave for a Disney trip, the only thing that matters when we cross through those gates is the love we have for each other and the memories we are about to make We always grow as a family when we are on vacation but the closeness we feel when we leave from a Disney vacation is different. It’s laughing at Goofy, it’s holding hands in the crowd, it’s cuddling during fireworks, it’s sharing a Mickey Head Ice Cream, it’s posing with Belle, it’s squeezing a little tighter on The Haunted Mansion. It’s It’s the Magic of Disney.