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Big Things at Animal Kingdom in 2019!

Animal Kingdom is going to be a special place to visit in 2019! New things are being added and limited time magic is happening at a few locations as well. This year, the Disney animated film “The Lion King” turns 25. “The Lion King” has always been a huge part of Animal Kingdom and now we are celebrating it even more!

Live musicians help guests let their inner animal loose on the dance floor during “Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. © Disney.

Now through September 30th, guests can party with Lion King’s Timon & Rafiki as well as other jungle friends, Meeko, Turk, Koda, & Baloo. Guests can sing, dance, and jump around with all of the “party animals”. Also, a new Tree of Life Awakenings will take place each night at dusk. The tree will light up to scores from the move “The Lion King” and will showcase Simba’s journey through the movie.

© Disney.

You just never know what creatures you are going to run into while in Animal Kingdom. Recently, a familiar face was seen migrating right through the park! Kevin! Krababble! This sweet snipe from Up has made it right to the park’s Discovery Island! The castmembers at Disney are using this opportunity to teach us all about bird migration. Because of Disney’s location, several birds use the park as a stop over during their trip. Learn about Kevin and many other birds and their migration patterns. Oh – and be careful if you are traveling with any chocolate in your pockets.